Webinar: VAT Implications of Brexit.

Learn how Brexit affects VAT rules for companies who supply goods and services to the EU. Topics we cover will include: • VAT obligations for GB importers and exporters. • […]

Chris Smith

Chris was born and raised in Sheffield. He left school aged 16 with the bare minimum of qualifications and started working for a government training scheme at a time of […]

Understanding VAT on Work Carried Out Abroad

In the UK, VAT on work carried out abroad is determined primarily as per the ‘Place of Supply of Services’ rules. The ‘place of supply’ is the location where a […]

How Brexit Affects Immigration Requirements for Your Workforce

In 2016, the majority of Britain voted for Brexit—UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Probably the most important public policy concern arising from the withdrawal is how Brexit will impact [...]

Insolvency Practitioner

Q Accountants is a young, nimble accounting firm with a team of employees dedicated to enabling and supporting our continuous growth. Established in 2015, Q Accountants has grown from a […]

Q Careers

Lauren Simmons

Lauren was born and raised in Sheffield, England.  Having embarked on an accounting apprenticeship in 2014, she made accountancy her career choice for the years ahead. She worked as an […]

Understanding Off-Payroll Working Rules IR35

It is likely that you have already heard of IR35, which is the law adopted to counter alleged tax evasion. But what precisely is IR35, how is it going to […]

A Guide to Inheritance Tax in the UK

Two things in life that are inevitable are death and taxes. These are two realities of life that we cannot escape no matter how hard we try. When we talk […]