Anna Apenit

Senior Account Manager

What’s the coolest thing about being an accountant?
There’s really no ceiling on how high you can go…and you tend to progress quickly.

If you wouldn’t be an accountant, who would you be?
An architect

Where are we most likely to find you in your free time?
Hiking in The Lake District.

Is there a secret talent/fun fact nobody knows about you?
I am ambidextrous.

If you had to choose one dish to eat until the end of your life, what dish would it be?
Strawberries with clotted cream and fried bacon for dessert.

What is a perfect day for you?

What is the most exciting moment of your life?

Who would you most likely swap places with for a day and why?
With my cat – but forever, not just for a day. He lives the most purrrfect life possible!

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
White Lindor chocolate

What is your favourite vacation spot?
Outer Hebrides … but don’t tell anyone or else it’ll get spoiled!

Anna Apenit

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