Haroon Ashfaq (FCCA)

Partner & London Lead

Haroon has an MSc in Accounting and Finance from Anglia Ruskin University – Chelmsford. Being faithful to his chosen path of constant development and self-improvement, Haroon went on to gain full accountancy qualification (ACCA). More than 10 years industry and practice experience and innate love for accounting earned him a Senior Accountant position at Q Accountants. Haroon enjoys a healthy lifestyle and keeping himself fit. Outdoor sports are his favourite pastime, cricket and tennis being the first choice.

If you wouldn’t be an accountant who would you be?
Possibly a sportsman, a Cricketer.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Ordering food delivery – I am too lazy to cook!

What is a perfect day for you?
Perfect day is always the one when I managed to finish all the tasks on time and get time for prayer too.

If you had to choose only one dish you’d have to eat till the end of your life, what dish would it be?
Anything lamb-based!

What is a secret talent / fun fact nobody knows about you?
I can come across as quite shy, but I’ve a wild side to me and can be a party animal too!