Natalia Gubarieva

Senior Accountant

What’s the coolest thing about being an accountant?
Building up a great relationships with our client and help them to develop the variety of businesses

If you wouldn’t be an accountant, who would you be?

Where are we likely to find you in your free time?

Is there a secret talent/fun fact nobody knows about you?
Still secret!

If you had to choose only one dish you’d have to eat till the end of your life, what dish would it be?
Thai food

What is a perfect day for you?
Day out surrounding with happy family and friends

What is the most exciting moment of your life?
That was the day of my birth as I brought the light to our world

Who would you most likely swap places with for a day and why?
Queen – Just to have an unique experience but only for a day

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Going fast

What is your favourite vacation spot?
Mountains and a beach