Q Accountants’ insights from Xerocon 2019

Q Accountants’ insights from Xerocon 2019

The world’s most innovative and beautiful conference for cloud accounting leaders, Xerocon 2019, gathered over 3,000 partners at London ExCel exhibition centre on November 13th-14th. The 2-day conference has unveiled the newest tools and features created for small businesses to better understand their finances, manage projects’ profitability and faster complete payroll benefits.

Q Accountants couldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the new business products and learn from the industry leaders. Daniel Batham, Director at Q Accountants, shares his insight from the event: “There was a real community theme and feel around the conference. Everybody, from the Xero guys to exhibitors to delegates have the same goal which is to support small business through the life cycle of that business.”

Olivia Quincey, senior accountant at Q Accountants, was impressed by how accounting industry is benefiting from modern technologies today: “My takeaway is how exciting technology is increasingly being used within the accounting profession and all its future possibilities with the use of AI, especially its impact on small businesses and helping them grow!”

One of the main topics widely discussed at the conference was poor cash flow management as a significant reason of small business’ failures around the world. Farid Gasanov, director at Q Accountants shares his opinion on that:

“Small businesses on average have £23,000 in their aged debtors. Every year, around 40,000 companies get liquidated due to not being able to pay their debts. Clearly, there is a big gap in managing cash-flow. It’s one of our priorities to help businesses with cash-flow management by providing cash forecasting as well as credit control services.”

Q Accountants has been using Xero products for more than 4 years. This beautiful and easy-to-use platform was invented for small businesses around the world. It provides its 2+ million clients with connections to a thriving ecosystem of 800+ apps and 200+ connections to banks and financial service providers.

Q Accountants have come away from the conference with a ton of new information and innovative ideas to share with our clients and help their businesses thrive.

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