Nadezhda DrobininaSocial Media & Marketing Intern

    Nadezhda has a BA in Media Practices from Nottingham Trent University. She has gained professional experience in Social Media Marketing and content creation working in multiple media production companies. At Q Accountants Nadezhda is involved in a variety of activities including creating photo and video content, planning marketing campaigns, and growing our online presence.

    What are you passionate about?


    What is the most exciting moment of your life?

    Writing my first screenplay and getting highly positive feedback from my teacher.

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day and why?

    A shark. I want to experience living under the sea, sailing between the riffs and colourful fishes.

    What is your favourite vacation spot?

    My home village in Krasnodar region, Russia. It stands on a beautiful calm river surrounded by a forest. Every morning birds’ tweets wake me up and when I go outside to have my breakfast, fresh and sweet smell of flowers from neighbourhood gardens reminds me of the days when I had been going to school.

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

    A spoonful of peanut butter.