Career Chat: Apply to Work at Q Accountants!

Career Chat: Apply to Work at Q Accountants!

Looking to further your accounting career?

Want to work in a friendly, diverse environment?

Excited by the chance to choose between 4 different ranges of tea? (Office exclusive perk)

Q Accountants might be the place for you! We pride ourselves on being a team that any ambitious accountant, bookkeeper or financial adviser would love to work alongside.

Proving that here is rather difficult, given that the words of anyone on the company payroll are likely to be viewed with justifiable suspicion.  However, as a means of putting some meat on the bones and making our case seem a tiny bit more reliable, here are the 3 main reasons why Q Accountants is such a great place to work.

A small but friendly firm

We’re a relatively small team, tallying approximately 15 employees at the time of writing.

One of the best things about working in a smaller team is how collaborative it is. Given that the team is so tightly-knit, building relationships with everyone is super-easy. So whenever you might have a problem or need a helping hand, a colleague will always be close by to offer some words of wisdom.

You’ll also learn more working with us than other accountancy firms. That’s not an euphemism for a sky high workload, we promise! Rather, you’ll be given a chance to work with a variety of different clients across a variety of different industries.

Sure, everyone still has their niche (mine is churning out mediocre marketing content), but we don’t have the rigidity of some of the bigger accounting firms out there.

Lastly, the culture here is genuinely fantastic; management are very accommodating when it comes to working preferences. Need to leave the office to sort some emergency childcare? No problem! Wanna hit the gym for a mid-morning workout? All good with us (so long as you remember to shower)! Provided the work gets done and the proverbial isn’t taken, flexibility around working hours is encouraged.

Of course, there are limits. Turning up to client meetings 30 minutes late in a garish Hawaiian shirt and short combo is still not something I could recommend.

A GIF from 'Better Call Saul'. Kim Wexler  tells her partner James McGill that she is dressed in a 'casual yet luxurious' style.
Odds-on to fail, but probably the best justification you could give to management.

After all, even though we’re a small firm, we’re still dealing with some super-ambitious companies…

Make a difference

Our clients are everything to us. Well, not quite everything – as I touched on earlier, the complementary range of teas are a vital part of the infrastructure here.

But seriously, our clients are so, so important. Where larger firms might only see numbers on a spreadsheet, we see partners who we want to team up with for years to come. Sure, it might sound a little mushy, but it’s absolutely true!

Soon after joining us, you’ll be assigned your own set of clients to look after, giving you the chance to build strong new relationships and see first-hand the impact that your work is having on other people’s livelihoods.

If job satisfaction is what you’re after, acc-count on life at Q to deliver it in spades!

We invest in your future

Even though we know you’ll bring a bunch of useful skills from the word go (we’d hardly have hired you otherwise!), it’s likely you’ll want to develop those as you progress in your career.

Of course, some of that will come naturally. Picking up advice here and there is an added bonus of working in such a close-kint team!

Needless to say, training at Q goes far beyond than unofficial mentoring. So that you’ve got the strongest possible grasp on how you’re performing at work, one of our management team will sit down with you and review your progress on a regular basis. That’s feedback you can then put to use when selecting from any of our company-paid training courses!

Final thoughts

At Q Accountants, we don’t like to pigeonhole our workforce as “employees”. (We’ve told HMRC this too, but they’ve refused to waive company PAYE contributions.) To us, they’re people with hopes, dreams and great potential. Come join us and see for yourself!

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